5 Star Reviews

Where do we start? We have been (and still are) receiving compliments that you are the best DJ in wedding history! You made our night perfect. It’s a good thing I have a million of your business cards because I have a million people to give them to, I’m certain that there was a point where all 162 of us were on the dance floor. It was the most fun night that Jenn and I have ever had & I think we can safely say the same for all of the guests who attended! We can’t thank you enough for everything from the first dance to playing the songs we wanted and not playing the songs we didn’t want played. Like I said before and will keep on saying, you were unanimously voted the best DJ in the history of DJs, thank you thank you thank you for everything, even in times where we would email you a hundred times in a row in a panic which you quickly responded “everything is going to be fine” and you were right. Everything was perfect and we are so glad we ran into you that one day at Castle Green. We will absolutely 100% recommend you to all of our friends and do everything in our power to force them to use you, Thank you again!

Max and Jenn

I never got a chance to thank you for all your help and entertainment on our wedding day, Todd and I got back last week from our Honeymoon we went to the big island of Kona. We received lots of compliments on our wedding and I wanted to share a wedding pic with you and wanted to thank you.

-Lupe and Todd

Thank you very much for the fantastic music making and MC’ing, You are truly wonderful at all you do, We had such a great day! Thanks for being part of the best day of our lives.

-Marco and Delia